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About Us

Acarda is an innovative supplier making Super-Cool Waterproof  Products & Electronic Accessories.  The company provides ultimate solution to meet consumer's need in the global market, serve all chain stores and major retailers.

Water Glove is your Best Waterproof Companion, the world's most stylish product with Super-Safe waterproof locking system.

  • Features
  • Mix & Match Color Collection
  • Case in Real One Piece, Easy Operation
  • Multi-Functional Case/Bag with Professional Waterproof Locking System
  • Different Water Depth level for different Waterproof products - Bag, Case, Earphone
  • Protect electronic devices from Dust, Sand, Snow and Water
  • Good to use at All Weather
    • Waterproof Cases/Bags fit for 
    • Mobile Phones, iPhone, BlackBerry
    • Professional Camera, Digital Camera
    • Computer, iPad
    • Identity card, Personal belonging
    • NDS, PSP
    • Maps, Stationery
    • Keys, Cash, Credit Card
    • PDA, iPod,  MP3, MP4
    • Place to use  at
    • Boat
    • Fishing
    • Skiing
    • Beach
    • Outdoor Activities
    • Snow
    • Camping
    • Rain
    • Spa
    • Canoeing
    • Resort
    • Surf
    • Desert
    • Sauna
    • Swimming Pool
    • Diving
    • Sight Seeing / Tourist

  • Operation Tips
  • Avoid sharp objects that could hit the waterproof case/bag
  • Do not leave the case/bag on newspaper or any other printed material
  • Insert paper and submerge the case/bag in water to test for protection before placing the stuff inside
  • Always do the waterproof test before use
  • Check the case is secured correctly and tightly before use

First Class is the leading brand electronic accessories and create lot of trendy products -  Phone/Camera/Computer Case, Fashion Earphone, Phone Lanyard, Magic Cleaner, Skin Sticker, Device Stand......... that good for everyday users.

The distinctive 3D Rose Pattern has many colors choice in our iPhone Cases, BlackBerry Cases and iPad Cases.

The extensive gallery Skin series apply in all different electronic devices - PSP, NDS, iPad, Laptop, Camera, Phone etc.